illsleepwhenimdeadngo asked:

So I got a baby fat-tail today, took him home got him in a cage with two hides and a water dish to start and thought I was doing fine. I just checked on him before bed, and in less than 6 hours his tail is gone! I have two Leo's which I've had since they were babies and have never had any problems so I'm at a total loss. Any ideas what might have caused it, and any advice on how to help him while he grows it back?

Really? he just lost it? 


I have never had that happen, anyone else have experience with this?

He could have lost it from the overall stress of the move. Also, where did you get him from? I hadn’t realized at the time I got Elmo but he is most likely wild caught since I bought him from Petco and I got lucky that he has no parasites but there is the potential for parasites or another health issue to have caused the stress. 

As for what you can do for him, they don’t need anything special while growing back the tail. It just kind of happens. Just keep him as stress free as possible and well fed and it should all go smoothly

Anonymous asked:

I assume given your blog theme you would have a fat tail and I've had mine for almost a year now and I just wanted to confirm this is normal, my gecko has been sleeping in one specific corner of his tank I believe this is just temp regulation but I wanted to make sure

I do in fact have one.
From my experience it may just be a preference for the area. Elmo will sleep in the same hide no matter where it is and will only move away from it when he reeeaaalllllyyy needs to thermoregulate.
Is your gecko underneath something or just out in the open?



Until last night, I didn’t know that AFT geckos generally don’t like mealworms — which is funny because this one here loves them. She’ll come out of hiding and will beg for them even if I just fed her a big meal a day or two prior. 

Wait they don’t? I just thought Elmo was a spoiled brat. Although he hates all bugs so I don’t even know