Anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently took in a four year old leopard gecko from a friend who had no use for her anymore, and as I'm new with the whole process, I have a few questions. I tried interacting with my gecko earlier today which quite honestly probably wasn't the best idea as she just arrived at her new home. How long should I wait until she is accustomed to the new environment, and how do I build up a trusting relationship with her? Her old owner could hold her, but she seems absolutely frightened of me.

heckyeahreptiles answered:

I’ve never owned a gecko, so while I have a few ideas, I’m not exactly an expert. 

Do any of my followers on this blog have any answers for this person?

There’s a pretty good chance that her fear is based on stress from the change so she should be okay.
Give her a few days to calm down and after that you can grab her and set her down with you. Instead of holding her right off just sit with her outside the cage.
You have to closest supervise but something I’ve noticed they tend to enjoy is if you kind of mess up the blankets on the bed they like to climb over it and burrow through it.
That also will help her to become familiar with your scent which will calm her down and should make her trust you more.

Anonymous asked:

Hello! I have a female fat tail gecko that has been on a 2 month hunger strike. I took her to the vet and he found 2 types of parasites. After which I began to medicate her but she continues her hunger strike! Do you have any information how long it takes to cure parasites? Or why she continues to be on hunger strike? I started giving her Zilla brand caloric intake in hopes she doesn't become too weak. So far her tail is still fat, but not as fat as before.

It would be dependent on what types of parasite she has but if you know what they are I can do some research for you.

She may continue the hunger strike because they tend not to want to eat when they don’t feel well or are uncomfortable or stressed. Even just the weather changing will make Elmo refuse to eat for a week or two. 

If she absolutely won’t eat and you are afraid she is going to get too weak you can try giving her chicken flavored baby food, it smells strongly and they tend to like it. And even if she won’t eat it she will lick it if it’s on her lips so she’ll be taking in something. 

Sometimes they won’t eat when they are dehydrated either so make sure she drinks enough, if she won’t drink enough on her own you can mist her and have her lick it off