Please Help!

This is my African Fat Tail Gecko named Java the Hutt. I bought her back in August 2013 at a reptile expo. Everything was good until she started a hunger strike around April. It is now September and she’s still on a hunger strike. She would eat anything from crickets, roaches, and mealworms. However, since starting her hunger strike she now refuses to even eat crickets!

She is kept in a 20 gallon long tank on paper towels. She has 4 hiding spots: a wooden hut on top of an UTH, a log hide in front the hut, a humidity hide full of moss (humidity in here reaches ~60 - 70%), and a water dish/cave on the cool side. The warm side reaches anywhere between 85 - 90 F, while the cool side generally stays room temperature (75 - 80 F). Humidity all throughout the cage is about 36 - 40%.

I’ve taken her to a well respected vet named Dr. Greek. After taking a fecal sample from her, he was able to find that she was loaded with 2 different parasites. He gave me 100 mg/rnl of Panacur to administer to her once daily for five days then take two weeks off, and repeat the process. I did this for a total of 5 times (so she’s received 25 drops of panacur in total). I managed to take her back to the vet for a check up and luckily her parasites are gone! Dr. Greek checked both her stool and wiped her cloaca to make sure nothing was there and it seems that everything is clear.

However, she’s still on a hunger strike. Since I can’t afford the blood work I settled for an antibiotic called Enrofloaxacin Suspension (50 mg/ml) to give to her once daily for two weeks. It’s been two weeks and she’s still not eating.

What I have been doing is letting her lick off Zilla Caloric Diet Supplement, give her lukewarm baths to hydrate, and each time she poops I take out the entire paper towel and clean the tank with Zilla’s Wipe Out!

Recently I feel that checking up on her 3x a week is stressing her out so I decided to just change the paper towel and water instead of doing these extras in hopes that maybe she needs a break from my constant handling to get her to eat.

Here’s where I need help:

I would love to get a blood work done on her, but it costs $100. I’ve recently graduated from school and have been looking for work but no luck yet. I might be hired soon, but nothing’s for sure yet. What I would like to do is open up art commissions in order to fund her vet visit. I’ll charge $10 a piece for sketch and ink. I work with pencils then line art it using ink pens. I’ll scan and upload the artwork, but I won’t show it to buyers until after I receive payment through paypal.

That way I can contact you when I’m finished (so you don’t pay early and feel that I never completed it), and when you are ready to pay, I’ll show you the art after payment.

Some examples of my drawings are found here (These were sketches of my pets and some of mygearsarestartingtotremble pets).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I am only accepting inked sketches for now. I’m willing to draw your favorite pet, or maybe a doodle of you and your pet! Whichever you’d like, or simply tell me something you’d like to be drawn!

I hope this works, and Thank you for reading~! <3

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illsleepwhenimdeadngo asked:

So I got a baby fat-tail today, took him home got him in a cage with two hides and a water dish to start and thought I was doing fine. I just checked on him before bed, and in less than 6 hours his tail is gone! I have two Leo's which I've had since they were babies and have never had any problems so I'm at a total loss. Any ideas what might have caused it, and any advice on how to help him while he grows it back?

Really? he just lost it? 


I have never had that happen, anyone else have experience with this?

He could have lost it from the overall stress of the move. Also, where did you get him from? I hadn’t realized at the time I got Elmo but he is most likely wild caught since I bought him from Petco and I got lucky that he has no parasites but there is the potential for parasites or another health issue to have caused the stress. 

As for what you can do for him, they don’t need anything special while growing back the tail. It just kind of happens. Just keep him as stress free as possible and well fed and it should all go smoothly

Anonymous asked:

I assume given your blog theme you would have a fat tail and I've had mine for almost a year now and I just wanted to confirm this is normal, my gecko has been sleeping in one specific corner of his tank I believe this is just temp regulation but I wanted to make sure

I do in fact have one.
From my experience it may just be a preference for the area. Elmo will sleep in the same hide no matter where it is and will only move away from it when he reeeaaalllllyyy needs to thermoregulate.
Is your gecko underneath something or just out in the open?